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About us

We are a family in love with our Siberian cats. We breed beautiful, healthy, fluffy kittens, in a cage less home. Our kittens are extremely gentle, kind, and affectionate. The kittens are socialized, growing up with my big family. The Siberian breed is known for their intelligence and their dog-like personalities. Our cats come from champion bloodlines from the best catteries in Russia. Our cattery and kittens are TICA registered. We are a small cattery located near Detroit, Michigan. Our focus isn’t on the quantity; but on the quality and the healthiness of each kitten.


Our Siberian kittens have low amounts of fel D 1 what explains the allergies reaction usually is no responsive

Kitten adoption

Process for adopting a kitten …….. the best way is to contact me at (929) 355-7190 or my facebook page Siberian kingdom cattery i don’t do emails so please don’t send me emails . After discussing what type of kitten you are looking for (male/female) you may reserve a kitten, by placing a $300 nonrefundable deposit, towards the $2000 total cost of the kitten.
Prior to placing a deposit, you may visit the cattery, by appointment only, to check for allergies or any other concerns.
The kittens receive a complete physical and second vaccinations and deworming, by a licensed veterinarian.
Kittens go to their “forever” homes at 12 weeks old.
Upon receiving kitten, you will be asked to sign a contract, to ensure the kitten is spade or neutered when they are 5-6 months old.
The kittens are guaranteed against genetic defects for one year.